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a long term player

NAFTOMAR has been growing and developing as an organization for over four decades. Our goal has always been sustainable growth and our top priority has always been quality rather than the size. We are most proud of being recognized for the safety and reliability of our services.

During the years 2010-2011, ten newly built vessels were added to our fleet of ships as part of the ongoing process of replacing old vessels with modern units, thus consolidating our position as one of the major operators of LPG vessels in the field.

The future may be difficult to accurately predict, but one certainty is that NAFTOMAR will hold true to its traditional values, placing the greatest importance on the integrity and reliability of its services and continuing to foster excellent business relationships with clients and partners.

In addition, flexibility and innovation have helped to keep NAFTOMAR in the forefront of the LPG shipping and trading sectors. Today, these remain at the heart of our management policies, especially when it comes to assessing and adapting to client’s future needs. On a day-to-day basis, we enjoy working with reliable business partners who share our values and concern for high standards in all aspects of our activities. Together, we look forward to maintaining our leading position in the challenging LPG market for many years to come.