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performance & safety are our priorities

Over the years, NAFTOMAR has grown in stature, both as a major LPG trading house and as an operator of LPG carriers. With growth comes responsibility and as a company we are fully committed and equipped to maintain our large fleet in all trading conditions.

We believe in meeting and exceeding all recognized standards for safety and performance in every aspect of our operations.

We invest more than ever to ensure the safety of our worldwide transshipment operations. Every single transaction and activity is carried out in accordance with the most stringent safety standards and the guidelines laid down by the International Chamber of Shipping and SIGTTO Guidelines.

Our ability to provide the best possible service under all circumstances was well illustrated during the Iran-Iraq conflict. In October 1984, two missiles hit the Gaz Fountain while loaded with 19,000 metric tons of LPG. However, thanks to a combination of sound construction and well-rehearsed safety procedures the crew was able to abandon ship without injury and some 18,000 metric tons of cargo was successfully transferred to another NAFTOMAR vessel.